ECS Meetings

Every two years, the ECS organizes its international meeting

Future Meeting 2024

The 17th International Meeting of the European Calcium Society will be organized by Sandip Patel, Martin Bootman, Ana Rossi and Katja Rietdorf in Cambridge (UK).

September 1-4 2024, Homerton College

Preceded by the meeting of the

junior European Calcium Society (jECS)

31st August – 1st September 2024

Early Bird Registration Deadline June 1st

ECS has and keeps on offering free membership to all Ukrainian-based researchers and waives registration for attending ECS events.

Site Visit Cambridge 2022

Past meetings

Cork 2022

Cork 2020 (cancelled)

Hamburg 2018

Valladolid 2016

Aix-en-provence 2014

Toulouse 2012

Warszawa 2010

Leuven 2008

Strasbourg 2006

Cambridge 2004

Brussels 2002

Paris 2000

Munster 1998

Perugia 1996

Zurich 1994

Marseille 1992

Brussels 1989