History of the European Calcium society

History of the ECS

founding history ECS - Rosario Donato
founding history ECS - Jacques Haiech
founding history ECS - Claus Heizmann
founding history ECS - Roland Pochet

History of the European Calcium society

Organizing the European Meetings on Calcium-binding Proteins in normal and transformed cells

The birth in 1989 of the First European Symposium on Calcium Binding Proteins in Normal and Transformed Cells resulted from a 30 month gestation during which a 4 ingredients mixture was nurturing my mind. The 2 first stimulatory ingredients were:

  • the lack of European Symposia in which young European researchers could participate (International Symposium was held in Asilomar, CA 1986, in Nagoya in 1988, in Banff, Canada, etc) and
  • an EU grant called Stimulation Action I was awarded (Nov 1986).

The 2 last resulted from long discussions I had in 1988 at Saint Odile with Jacques Haiech who opened my mind to the importance European researchers had in calcium binding proteins (Gabriel Hamoir, Liège 1951, Pechere, Montpellier 1960, etc) and the strong support I received from Claus Heizmann to go on with a symposium. So the “core” of the four ECS creators (Roland Pochet, Claus Heizmann, Jacques Haiech and Rosario Donato, see photos) was nearly settled.

1997 was important because we created the ECS under the impulsion of EU, which rejected our proposal to finance the fourth symposia because lack of structure. So 1997 has seen the creation of™

  • The first ECS Web site
  • The ECS logo™
  • The first newsletter™
  • The statutes of the European Calcium Society published in the “Moniteur belge” as an “arrêté royal du 22 septembre 1997” signed by King Albert II

1998-2005 was a consolidation period. Indeed since 2000 we succeeded in being selected as High Level Scientific Conferences by EU allowing to grant young European researchers. The board could be enlarged and gained the valuable and generous competence of Volker Gerke and Steve Moss. ECS then also could provide Posters prizes and recently special grants for young talented researchers.

Since its creation, 30 to 35% of the participants to ECS symposia were young researchers (below 35 years old). Having young researchers as participants has always been one of our main objectives. Another important added value initiated and still headed by Claus Heizmann is the publication since 1992 of the best presentation of articles within the well respected BBA.

Written by Roland POCHET

Our aims

Developing knowledge about calcium & related topics in normal and pathological tissues

Bringing together scientists from different specialties