Hamburg 2018

the 15th International Meeting of the European Calcium Society, organized by Andreas Guse, in Hamburg (Germany), from 9 till 13 September, 2018

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ECS Travel Fellowships and Awards

ECS Junior Travel Fellowships

  • Cristina BIAGIONI (Germany)
  • Patricia BLANCO MUNOZ (Spain)
  • Shohei FUJII (Japan)
  • Katie HOLLIS (USA)
  • Luca IAMARTINO (Austria)
  • Martijn KERKHOFS (Belgium)
  • Sana KOUBA (France)
  • Alicia MUNOZ MONTERO (Spain)
  • Anna SCOTTO ROSATO (Italy)
  • Axel TOLLANCE (Switserland)
  • Yuan-Ming TSAI (UK)
  • Yuning WANG (Canada)
  • Shambhu YADAV (India)

ECS Travel Fellowship for established scientists from emerging countries

  • Andrew MILLER (China)

The European Calcium Society is happy and proud to recognize its Awardees at its 15th International Meeting:

  • Michelina KIERZEK (Germany), winner of the Cell Calcium Best Poster Award.
  • Arijita GHOSH (India) and Xaver KOENIG (Austria), winners of the Roland Pochet Best Poster Awards.
  • Felicity DAVIS (Australia), winner of the Drabikowski Award for Best Oral Communication.
  • In addition, Kapish GUPTA (Singapore), Anke JOHNSEN (Germany), Maylin MERINO-WONG (Germany) and Simone DI PAOLA (Italy) received an honorable mention for their respective posters.

Awardees of the junior travel fellowship together with honorary ECS member Roland Pochet. First row : Anna Scotto Rosato, Yuning Wang, Roland Pochet, Patricia Blanco Munoz, Alicia Munoz Montero. Second row : Yuan-Ming Tsai, Cristina Biagioni, Martijn Kerkhofs, Shambhu Yadav, Luca Iamartino, Sana Kouba, Shohei Fujii.

Sincere congratulations to all for this well-deserved recognition!