Valladolid 2016

14th International Meeting of the European Calcium Society
Valladolid (Spain), September 25 - September 29, 2016

Abstract Book

Posters Prize and ECS Grants


Posters Prize

  • Elke Decrock (Belgium)
    "Ca2+, reactive oxygen species and connexin hemichannels modulate the radiation-induced bystander effect in brain microvascular endothelial cells"
  • Sun-Hee Woo (S. Korea)
    "Shear stress enhances Ca2+ spark occurrence via mitochondrial NADPH oxidase and nitrogen oxide synthase in rat ventricular myocytes"

Drabikowski award (= best oral communication by a junior scientist)

  • Sachie Kanatani (Sweden)
    "Voltage-dependent calcium channel signaling mediates GABAA receptor-induced migratory activation of dendritic cells infected by Toxoplasma gondii"

ECS Junior Travel Fellowships

  • Francisco AULESTIA (France)
  • Ana Maria BOUCHET (France)
  • Tala CHEHAB (U.K.)
  • Elke DECROCK (Belgium)
  • Arijita GHOSH (India)
  • Carolina GOMIS-PEREZ (Spain)
  • Matej HOTKA (Austria)
  • Joon-Chul KIM (South Korea)
  • Maria-Cristina LOPEZ-MENDEZ (Mexico)
  • Gemma ROEST (Belgium)

ECS Travel Fellowship for established scientists from emerging countries

  • Gustavo BENAIM (Venezuela)
  • Silvina PONCE DAWSON (Argentina)
  • Yuequan SHEN (China)