Memberships Options

Several membership options are available.

Membership Fees

Memberships always run per calendar year.  Signing up in the course of a year will only provide you membership for the remaining days of that year + any following years in case you selected a multi-year membership.  First time members might get an extension of the first year period if the membership was requested in the final months of a year.  The secretary-general will make that call on a case by case basis.  

Regular Memberships

  • Regular 3-Calendar Year Membership:  €156
  • Regular 2-Calendar Year Membership: €110
  • Regular 1-Calendar Year Membership: €60

PhD Student Memberships

  • Special deal PhD Student 5-calendar year Membership €120
  • PhD Student 1-calendar Year Membership €30

Emeritus Membership

  • Emeritus 1-Calendar Year Membership  €30

Bank account details

ECS account (Belfius Bank, Blvd. Pacheco 44, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) with IBAN number BE95 0682 2443 2058 and BIC code GKCCBEBB