Memberships Options

Several membership options are available.

How to become a member

To become a member of the society you must first create an account on the website.  We will then review your details and approve your account.  After apporval you will be send an email to set your password and then you can log in and select the membership you want.

Membership Fees

Memberships always run per calendar year.  Signing up in the course of a year will only provide you membership for the remaining days of that year + any following years in case you selected a multi-year membership.  First time members might get an extension of the first year period if the membership was requested in the final months of a year.  The secretary-general will make that call on a case by case basis.  

Regular Memberships

  • Regular 3-Calendar Year Membership:  €170
  • Regular 2-Calendar Year Membership: €120
  • Regular 1-Calendar Year Membership: €70

PhD Student Memberships

  • Special deal PhD Student 5-calendar year Membership €135
  • PhD Student 1-calendar Year Membership €35

Emeritus Membership

  • Emeritus 1-Calendar Year Membership  €35


Payments can be done using a credit card inside of your account orby bank transfer.  In case of bank transfer, please do this only after account creation ans email us the proof of payment.

Bank account details

ECS account (Belfius Bank, Blvd. Pacheco 44, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) with IBAN number BE95 0682 2443 2058 and BIC code GKCCBEBB