The ECS Webinars series

Aims and general information

The ECS webinars series started taking place during the first Covid-19 lock-down period of 2020.  The ECS is extremely happy and proud, it can offer a novel interaction, information and discussion possibility!

Thanks to the much-appreciated input and efforts of Martin Bootman and his crew, the ECS will sponsor a series of ECS webinars. These webinars will allow presenting and discussing calcium research in a friendly (but virtual) environment at a low-cost, low-carbon manner.

Moreover, this activity can engage the diversity of the ECS membership and of the Ca2+ community at large in terms of age, geographical location etc. It would be especially nice if also junior ECS members and non-members would volunteer to give some of the talks.

Our aim is to help keeping our close-knit Ca2+-research community together in a time in which face-to-face communication, be it as departmental seminars or as meetings and workshop, is severely impaired. However, if successful we already envisage keeping these ECS webinars running on a more permanent base.

Please also note that, pending permission from the speakers, the webinars will be recorded for later viewing.  To view those webinars, please visit the junior ECS Youtube channel.

The full program is available For members.